Policy & Advocacy

We are committed to advocating for policy changes that support the children of the North Shore's educational needs on a city, state, and national level.

Voice of the Voiceless

For the Staten Island Alliance to create meaningful impact for young children across the North Shore, there must be policy changes on a municipal, city, state and national level. Young children and parents need access to educational and health programs that are essential to positive outcomes.

To date, the efforts of the Policy & Advocacy Working Group have sought to:

  • Coordinate and align public and private investments with the Alliance’s Policy Agenda
  • Advocate for the growth and advancement of the Early Childhood workforce
  • Advocate for expanding access to and availability of Early Childhood programming across the North Shore

Working Groups
& Strategies

Take Action Now

Here are some examples of the types of strategies our Working Groups will be implementing:

Coordinate and align public, private and philanthropic investments with the Staten Island Alliance’s common agenda goals.

Advocate for students and families with state and local policymakers to grow the early childhood workforce.

Advocate expanding evidence-based early childhood programs for children in the North Shore community.

Working Groups

Our working groups plan and implement strategies that improve outcomes for North Shore families and children. The Staten Island Alliance has identified five specific areas of need and created a working group to address these specific issues.

The North Shore Spotlight

The North Shore of Staten Island is home to one of the most rich and diverse populations in New York City. The North Shore Spotlight is a place for us to showcase the exemplary teachers, staff, students, and community members that contribute to our organization’s success.

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