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The following information is available to families who are seeking guidance and resources for their child/ren within 0-3 years old that may require additional supports through Early Intervention.

Diana Jaquez, Early Intervention Ambassador, Staten Island Alliance for

North Shore Children and Families

As the parent of three wonderful children, including one who received early intervention services, Diana Jaquez understands the importance of EI services and the challenges of navigating the system. She is a strong advocate for the North Shore’s families and works to connect them with resources to meet their child’s need.

Email: diana.jaquez@cuny.edu

For any families who are interested in sharing their experiences within Early Intervention please click HERE to fill out a Parent Testimonial. All testimonials are anonymous and the information given remains confidential.

Early Intervention (EI): Know Your Rights

Early Intervention Referral Form

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Early Intervention Programs

SI Visiting Nurses Association

The Early Intervention Program provides services to children form birth to 3 years old. Professionals specialize in child development and can evaluate a child’s physical, cognitive, communicative, social/emotional, and adaptive development

If a child is determined to be eligible for services, VNASI will work with the early intervention designated officials, interventionists, the service coordinator and the child’s parents/guardians to develop a plan of services tailored to the family and child

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Personal Child Care:

NYC Early Intervention Program

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