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We help parents obtain the skills necessary to effectively support their children's developmental needs before and after entering school.

Success Begins At Home

Research tells us that the setting and supports that young children grow up with directly impacts their likelihood of success. Children need their parents and caregivers to provide effective social, emotional, and physical support systems within the home and the community.

Additionally, children with access to educational opportunities prior to entering school are more likely to have success when entering school. Unfortunately, on the North Shore many parents and caregivers lack the skills and resources necessary to provide these supports and properly advocate for their young children.

The Staten Island Alliance has dedicated an entire Working Group to find new and innovative ways of engaging parents and empowering them to be more effective advocates for their children in the community. To date, our efforts have sought to:

  • Increase access to parental education opportunities
  • Empower parents and caregivers to be more effective advocates for their children
  • Equip parents with skills to support their child’s learning and development in the home

Working Groups
& Strategies

Take Action

Here are some examples of the types of strategies our Working Groups will be implementing:

Find new and innovative ways to increase access to parental education opportunities for young children in North Shore communities.

Provide access to supports for parents and caregivers that empower them to be more effective advocates for their child.

Equipt parents and caregivers with the skill to provide learning opportunities for children outside of the school setting.

Working Groups

Our working groups plan and implement strategies that improve outcomes for North Shore families and children. The Staten Island Alliance has identified five specific areas of need and created a working group to address these specific issues.

The North Shore Spotlight

The North Shore of Staten Island is home to one of the most rich and diverse populations in New York City. The North Shore Spotlight is a place for us to showcase the exemplary teachers, staff, students, and community members that contribute to our organization’s success.

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