Collective Impact

The Staten Island Alliance utilises collaborative effort to create a common agenda that improves outcomes for children and families of Staten Island’s North Shore community.

What is Collective Impact?

Collective Impact is an approach to tackling a particular social issue that brings together different stakeholders and groups to align forces and efforts. It is a way to organize individuals and organizations in order to best utilize each other’s strengths and achieve more than is possible separately. Members define their common agenda, develop a consistent communication system, mutually reinforcing activities, and shared measurement strategies, and coordinate these efforts with the support of a backbone organization.


How Our Collective Impact Approach is Organized

  • Alliance Co-Chairs: 3 individuals that provide strategic guidance and leadership for our efforts

  • Advisory Committee: Small board of engaged leaders and stakeholders who help define our common agenda and identify key areas for collaboration

  • Steering Committee: Large group with representation from all member organizations, that makes critical decisions about the activities and efforts of the Alliance

  • Working Groups: Five thematic groups that provide a platform for members collaborative efforts and community action. These five groups include:

    • Parent Empowerment and Action

    • Community-Based Services and Supports

    • Early Learning Environments

    • Data and Knowledge Sharing

    • Policy and Financing Solutions

  • Backbone Organization: One organization that supports collaboration, alignment, and sustainable efforts across the Alliance

How Is Collective Impact Different Than Collaboration?

A collaboration typically implies a two way street, people or groups work together to mutually benefit. The collective impact approach builds on this idea of collaboration to create an entire community that is intentional about it’s approach to solving a problem or multiple problems. Although most organizations will have their own strategy and initiatives, a collective impact approach will build on these strategies and move the initiative forward with a community-wide strategic lense.

Partners & Stakeholders

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The North Shore Spotlight

The North Shore of Staten Island is home to one of the most rich and diverse populations in New York City. The North Shore Spotlight is a place for us to showcase the exemplary teachers, staff, students, and community members that contribute to our organization’s success.

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