Our Mission...

By 2022, the Staten Island Alliance will improve the overall well being of
children ages birth through eight years old on the North Shore community of Staten Island.

Why Are We Motivated
To Create Change in the North Shore?

While there are many existing community assets in Staten Island's North Shore Community, children and families continue to face complex and interrelated challenges in the following areas:

The North Shore (Community District 1) is currently ranked 56th out of 59 New York City school districts for early education enrollment among 3 and 4 year old children (2015).

Only thirty one percent of the North Shore’s third graders are reading at or above grade level, though some schools have pass rates of ten percent or less (2016).

Rates of children’s asthma-related health events and illness are 3-4x higher on the North Shore of Staten Island than Mid-Island or on the South Shore (2010).

When compared to other community districts in Staten Island, the North Shore experiences not only higher, but increasing rates of children living below the poverty line. (2014)

Significant disparities exist in outcomes across race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, disability status, English proficiency, and parental education attainment.

Collective Impact
Achieves More Together

The Staten Island Alliance uses a Collective Impact approach to accomplish our goals. This requires a collaborative effort across a network of organizations, working towards a common agenda that improves outcomes for children and families of Staten Island’s North Shore Community.

The North Shore Spotlight

The North Shore of Staten Island is home to one of the richest and diverse populations in New York City. The North Shore Spotlight is a place for us to showcase the exemplary teachers, staff, students, and community members that contribute to our organization’s success.


Progress for the children and families of Staten Island’s North Shore community require joint action from many cross-sector shareholders. The Staten Island Alliance is extremely grateful to the local and national business and the other generous organizations that support our initiatives and allow us to reach our goals.

A Word From Our
Steering Committee

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